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Shailesh Nabar

Shailesh Nabar

Shailesh Nabar, belongs to a family of nature lovers, he always had pets as companions. Having an artistic mind and a nature loving heart, he did not find comfort and satisfaction in the busy and materialistic city life. Supported by his likeminded computer-science graduate wife, he shut down his successfully running design studio,in 2012, and migrated to his native in Aros, Sawantwadi-Maharashtra.

They are now full-fledged organic  agriculturists. Very soon they will add Indian breeds of cattle to their family.Shailesh and his wife Nandita are well known as dedicated breeders and exhibitors of the Indian breeds of dog. Their Caravan Hounds have reined show rings, especially “Jingle” who was 5th and 8th Best in Show, in Mumbai 2010, competing against 325 dogs of all breeds.

The Nabars have a prominent role in bringing the long lost and forgotten Indian breeds of dog in the limelight

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Most of us are oblivious to the existence of the indigenous breeds of dogs in India. These breeds have existed since long and are now being bred by people who are enthusiastic about our very own dog breeds