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Vijendra Suryawanshi

Vijendra Suryawanshi

Vijendra Suryawanshi grew up in a fish loving family. He took up this hobby from his father who is a fish hobbyist since the past 25 years. Vijendra has bred several fish species and invertebrates over the past few years, with a keen interest in Indian natives. 

Nature has always fascinated him and his love for fishes and aquariums extends when he clicks portraits of his babies in the tank. Pursuing this hobby for almost 15+years, he makes sure that he dedicates a lot of time in the fish room to feed, change water, click or just sit and observe them. Wanting to gain more knowledge in this hobby, he keeps exploring and experimenting with various challenging species and setups in his fish room. His aquariums give him a sense of completion and he is at peace when he is around them. 

A genuine and kind person by heart, he works as a deputy manager in a financial and business research firm (well, you need money to maintain a fish room with 18+ tanks, right ;)). He also loves to travel, do photography, and at times loves to be the king of the kitchen cooking different recipes. He wishes to have his own fish farm few years down the line, promoting breeding of fish among hobbyists in India.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

One of the most colourful and popular dwarf cichlid belonging to South America, Apistogramma cacatuoides was first described by Hoedemann in 1951 and exported shortly thereafter. It is also known as the Cockatoo Apisto, owing to the male's crested forelock of a few extra long dorsal fin spines, and is found in Peru along most of the Rio Ucayali river.