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Sharad Sane

Sharad Sane dreamed of a world of animals, fishes and nature. He was sensitive to all animal life from his early childhood. Our father, the late Ramchandra Sane was also a keen hobbyist and the owner of “Fur, Feather and Fish”. He would remark about his son as “Shashi is more happy among animals than among human beings” Sharad was known as Shashi in the family and close friends.

I vividly recall an incident in his life when he was eleven years old. Our residence was on the 5th floor. We had a large terrace where we had a few aviaries. The house caught fire in mid-summer. We were a joint family of about 12 members. Our father took charge and started moving us to safety. He noticed that Sharad was not to be seen. When he went looking for Sharad, he found him putting his pet canaries in his pant pockets. He ran down the stairs to safety just in time with a few birds in his pockets.