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Aims and Objectives

To conserve and preserve the balance between wildlife and the human society by imparting education and knowledge to the hobbyist, fanciers, activists, particularly dealing with the pet animals and wild animals (domestic animals excluded).

To conduct research and experimentation in the field of wildlife, captive breeding, caring and rearing of wild and pet animals so as to preserve their species from becoming endangered, so that further imbalance between wildlife and human society is averted.

To prevent cruelty of any type of wild and pet animals and to promote the pious activities for their kind treatment in consonance with the basic principles of humanity and natural co-existence of man-kind and animals.

To interact with Government and Non-Government Organizations, and to provide them the inputs, know-how, results of experimentation and research, and further to help the Governmental Authorities to frame laws, rules, and guidelines in order to ensure the fulfillment of the aforesaid objects and also to avert, modify, abolish the outdated laws concerning wildlife and prevention of cruelty and to make suggestion for enacting laws, rules, guidelines, in order to make the said laws more reasonable for the benefit of the caring, rearing, breeding, transporting etc., of wild and pet animals.

To provide all assistance to the hobbyist, fanciers, and activists and other persons concerned so as to enable them to protect wildlife and pet animals and to deal with them in a manner conducive for decent and healthy living, caring, rearing, breeding and keeping of wild and pet animals and to ensure that the interest of such hobbyist, fanciers, activists and other persons dealing in wild and pet animals against the arbitrary and illegal implementation of the laws, rules and guidelines etc.