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The birth of Sanjeevan is credited to a few like minded animal lovers and hobbyists who used to meet frequently to share knowledge of conservation and pet keeping.

Their discussions often probed the role of international pet lovers associations in helping to preserve the animals on the verge of extinction and the active role needed to be played in conservation by the Government.

They were concerned about the lack of authentic knowledge base in pet keeping, pet husbandry and captive breeding in India. Amongst these like minded people were also a few members of the Royal families who were passionate and shared this hobby.

Pet keeping and Animal conservation has down the ages had Royal Patronage and these like minded members shared and provided an insight into conservation and breeding of wild animals kept in captivity. This group felt the dire need of sharing knowledge and rejuvenating life in the true sense, hence SANJEEVAN. The aims and objectives of Sanjeevan are clearly spelt out in the charter.

Pet keeping in India has been a very restricted hobby. The role of pet keeping for children, handicapped people, geriatrics, convalescing individuals and even normal human beings is not yet clearly understood by the Indian society. Sanjeevan wishes to impart correct knowledge to all by addressing the various problems experienced by its members.

Our directive is to expose the joys and benefits of nurturing our exotic pets and bring to the notice of Authorities the role captive breeding plays in the conservation of indigenous wild species which are on the verge of extinction.

For the sake of our pets and the precious wild life we possess in India we appeal to all animal lovers to join forces and share their experience and knowledge to promote ethical practices and better upkeep of our pet wards. Our right to keep pets must never be violated or taken away and we the members of Sanjeevan must work and fight for these causes!